Know where every last penny goes

When companies give back with Odyssey for Change as a partner, they make an investment that is fully transparent, with measurable brand enhancement and quantifiable ROI.

Unlike NGOs, Odyssey for Change is a for-profit enterprise that partners with companies to manage their “investment for good” by creating and managing bespoke projects designed to align with brand imperatives. While we charge fees for our services, project-funding donations are made through the Odyssey Trust — which has almost no overhead — meaning the full amount of those funds are disbursed to the project. Clear and transparent.

Designed to be measured

We take accountability seriously, which is why each and every Odyssey for Change initiative is designed not only to align with brand DNA, but also to be fully measurable on metrics of social ROI, brand enhancement, employee motivation, cost efficiency and many others.

Informed by and measured against research

As part of our process, we have developed a unique, effective and cost-efficient method of performing pre-program research with customers and other stakeholders. This helps us not only to determine the most appropriate initiative for the brand, but also to establish a baseline for measurement, thereby substantiating our commitment to transparency and accountability.

The business of conservation

In short, Odyssey for Change believes that business, as a positive force for change, has lessons to bring to the world of conservation, not just the inverse. The tried and true notions of measurement, transparency and return on investment serve businesses well; we believe those notions bring discipline and accountability to the sometimes-unruly world of conservation. After all, we are all in the business of our planet’s stewardship.
' I find their vision so appealing. It’s rare... precisely because it has integrity. '

Financial Times, London

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